What a Million Dollar Cannot Buy? ❤️ What can you give yourself if you really love yourself? If you have to choose money or health, what would you choose?

Life Force: Miraculous Power of Qi Gong  is a book of my 24 years experience of energy healing gently explain to you how energy and a simple practice heals. I give you lots of endorsements of real people with real stories and simple to do Qi breathing exercise that helped millions. I like to give HOPE to those struggling to feel better, health problems. You heal your health problems by moving how you feel and you heal with a few steps of breathing Qi Gong exercises which boosts up your life force.

Boost your life force has to come within which means coming form your own doing and practicing. Its more than swallowing some nutrition in which means you have to keep swallowing forever. You make your life force like your own nutrition. Then plus the right diet, nutrition, other help, you heal. Now 62, Qi Gong (Chi Gong) changes so many lives and my whole life as a single mother raising 3 children when I did not have any money. It lifted me and cleaning my long list of health problems with Qi Gong. I am proud that I do not need any drugs, perfect health and not even wear eye glasses. All my challenges are gone because of Qi Gong and external Qi healing.

Qi Gong gives you what a MILLION DOLLAR cannot give you.