I think the worst thing about having a cold, I might say its about the running nose. It is embarrassment when all the eyes turn to you and you want to just breathe easier. When you have long running cold and a running nose, which is so bad that you really need to keep blowing your nose over and over again in, it is really stressful.

In this time of Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, stablizing our mood, improving respiratory system and immunity are all important.

“We are seeing increasing levels of anxiety (in the U.S.) over a relatively short period of time,” said Vaile Wright, director of clinical research and quality at the American Psychological Association. Covid-19 distress has reached such levels that the World Health Organization on Tuesday March 17 issued guidelines for protecting mental health during the outbreak.

Breathe Easy Qi Gong is simple to learn, practice to reduce stress and anxiety helping many health problems. It brings more oxygen into the lung supporting the function of the heart circulation. The first movement is about boosting the energy around your sinus and continue to help the energy of your nose. When you finish doing a whole 5 minute form, you feel that you have lightly workout with effort, more grounded and breathe better.

Strengthen Your Lungs and Support Your Heart
This is great for stuffy nose and can ease cough.