Please share your experience with Master Teresa’s Remote Private Qi session so we can learn from your experience.  Remote session has been around a long time. If prayers work, sending healing in the mind can be explained as saying a prayer with love. Love is a high supreme vibration and Qi is really love. The recipient can usually feel warmth, tingling or some feeling coming to them during the session. In Master Teresa Yeung used the Chi to erase difficult emotions as well as improve physical health challenges. There is no distance and time. Be Open, use an experimental attitude and book a session.

Much love to you and thank you!

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  1. I got powerful results with Teresa (I'm somewhat well known, so will remain anonymous)

    If you are suffering, I can not promise what your results will be, but Teresa got results for me.

    I have worked with over 15 energy healers over the past 20 years, for a variety of health and other challenges. Plus, I was seeking to ascend to higher levels. Some of those I have worked with include internationally famous healers – you would know their names.

    Teresa stands tall above most other energy healers for the health results she got for me.

    I came to Teresa with several problems: fatigue, cough, and a
    few other more minor issues.

    My fatigue improved significantly, as did my cough.

    In addition to her power to heal, which is quite strong, Teresa is a caring, decent, good person. You feel like you are with a friend who unconditionally accepts you — you never feel judged for your weaknesses.

    She accepts you where you are, and gently but powerfully moves you to the next level of health and progress.

    If you want to feel better but are on the fence about whether to try sessions with Teresa, then my heartfelt recommendation is to try her for a few sessions.

    See for yourself how much better you will feel. Let your health prove to you what she can do for you.

    I’m very glad that was my criterion for starting work with Teresa.

    Many of us can not (usually) know the future while we are still in the now, especially when it’s our own personal health and other issues we are dealing with. So let the results you will get make your decision for you.

    I wish you the very best.

  2. anonymous

    I have been experiencing severe pain in my left ear for months following a neck injury. It feels like there is energy trapped in the tube between the outer ear and the throat. There are also a few other symptoms. I have been to medical doctors and they have referred me to more doctors. I decided to try alternative treatments. I had one remote session with Master Teresa. I am feeling a bit better. I still have pain in ear at times but not as much. I plan to attend her Online classes to continue the healing. Thank you so much for the session!

  3. gary stuart

    Teresa is amazing and in these troubled times, her continued and reasonably priced support is invaluable. TO be balanced and flowing more easily is great! It’s truly a blessing to be supported by her wisdom and innate experience of interfacing lifeforce CHI and our bodies in sync and harmony. Namaste Gary Stuart Best-selling Author and Constellation facilitator

  4. Johnathan

    When I started working with Mater Teresa, i could not even lay down to bed without having heart palpitations. After the first session, i could. I really enjoy the Qigong that i have learnt from her and feel the movement and healing of Qi more so than in other styles i have tried. Over the last year of working with her and doing Qigong i have slowly continued to improve my heart and have suffered from less arrhythmia. Now i am working with her to further improve my heart for a job that requires me to be very physically able. Thank you Master Teresa!

  5. Tanya L.

    I have had several private emotional Qi Gong Zoom sessions with Master Teresa since April 2020. All of them have been healing and I have learned so much more about myself. I have been on my own healing journey for the last 4 years. I have had several teachers along the way, Master Teresa is the most effective teacher I’ve had so far in helping me out of feeling stuck. It has been really great because I leave each session feeling empowered and I have gained powerful tools to better handle the things that come up in life.

  6. Anonymous, age 21

    I have been working with Master Teresa for about three months. In only this short time, I have experienced miraculous changes in myself. I have less body pain. I am also learning to love myself and others unconditionally and care for myself and my health. I did not prioritize myself before. I am learning to care for myself and honor myself. I am also learning the healing power of Qi-Gong and how easy it is to learn. Anyone can do Qi-Gong and feel results quickly. Easy to practice and lovely results. Thank you, Master Teresa, for helping me so much to clear difficult pain and emotions.

  7. Egor A

    In the last 10 years, Master Teresa had helped me out quite a few times, when I was feeling completely drained and stressed out.

    Each time, this gave me a chance to get a clear picture of the situation, allowing me to review it and change my perspective and adapt.

    Such balancing allowed me to improve my well being, which in turn allow me to improve my situation.

    I recommend you try it, for emotional or physical issues (as they are so connected anyway)

    Thank you!

  8. 7502 Respirator

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  9. Anonymous

    I am a young Law School student who struggles with an incurable, unknown, chronic bladder pain condition. I was diagnosed with the condition in 2014. The pain used to keep me up at night, cause me stress, distract me, and even bring me to tears, until Master Teresa started to help me. In less than a month, my pain has reduced greatly and I hardly suffer anymore.

    I also have a history of emotional pain and suffering. Master Teresa has helped and continues to help me overcome grief, pain from past relationships, the stress and pressure of school, my own self-judgment, and feelings of fear.

    I cannot thank Master Teresa enough. She is kind, funny, caring, and genuine. She helps me so, so much. She is guiding me and teaching me to heal my body and mind.

    I feel so grateful to know and work with her. I am gracious. I will continue to work with her so that I can grow and spread light.

  10. Anonymous

    Master Teresa’s work is very beautiful. She heals with kindness, grace, and humor. I suffer from chronic pain in several areas of my body. My profession also brings me great stress and causes my mind to feel foggy, and I often find it hard to focus on my work. After only one session, my physical pain was reduced dramatically. That said, what I was most impressed with was how much clearer my mind felt. I didn’t feel fatigued or drowsy. I felt energized, relaxed, and clear-headed. I am going to continue to work with Master Teresa, and I plan to learn qi-gong as well.
    Thank you, Master Teresa!

  11. Carla M.

    Thank you so much, Master Teresa for the remote healing, for your loving kindness and clarity!
    The pulled muscle in my leg is on its way to healing completely and my neck and shoulders relaxed very much. The inflamed tick bite you worked on has stopped itching and is calming down now. I look forward to our next session,
    With many thanks,
    Carla M.

  12. Suvda J

    Thank you very much dear Master Teresa! It was my very first remote healing session. After the session, I feel lightness in my chest and calmness in my mind. Still I feel it.
    During the session, I really felt seeing and talking to my nephew like face to face.
    You also helped me to shift my own wrong thoughts into the better thoughts so feeling more brave. I am looking forward to my next session.

  13. Yvette

    I have the deepest appreciation for Master Teresa. My first experience with her energy work was in person and I immediately felt energized and uplifted. But it took a year or two before I contacted her.

    The clarity and love in her being is noticeable and inspiring. I knew i needed to learn what she knows.

    That led me to book several remote sessions to address some target issues at their root cause. I had a combination of things I was working on from weight loss to aligning all aspects of my being with my life’s work and relocating.

    Since that time I have made some amazing connections that are bringing my hopes and visions into focus for manifestation…and it is unfolding in ways that support my peace of mind, increase values aligned opportunities for my success and enhance all that is good in my life. I accepted an offer with a UN-accredited nonprofit that gave new value to the work.

    And I’ve lost about 20 pounds.

    My whole approach to my work has changed. I am living so much more of the life i had imagined…for example i now plan most my work meetings and “deadlines” around massages. As a result I usually have two 75 min massages a week with a LMT that is now part of my growing success team.

    As well as being a friend, I consider Master Teresa to be part of my success team. She had taught me how to use Qi Gong as an approach to work with the energy in my life. At the most basic level consciously directing the energy to manage our emotions is transformative. But what Master Teresa does with her ability to read and see us as energy and do what she does to clear and reorganize our energy is life changing.

    I appreciate all i have learned and will continue to learn with her.

  14. Andrea Cleaver

    Thank you Master Teresa! It was wonderful to experience a greater sense of lightness during, as well as after, the session. The areas worked on feel much better. Not only did you work on the areas I brought to your attention, but you also helped me become aware of other parts of my body that needed work. The online session is very convenient, requiring no travel. Definitely worthwhile! Looking forward to my next session 🙂 Much appreciated!

  15. Cammie Ritchie

    As a professional spiritual life coach and master energy practitioner I love remote healing. To give it or receive it remotely is a wonderful way to clear or heal you. Energy has no limits or boundaries. It can be directed to go to where one needs it most and that is what Master Teresa does. She is very good at tapping in and working with your energy whether you are in front of her or across the world. Energy healing works as well long distantly as in person. I do most of my energy work remotely on people, animals, places in the world. Long distant healing allows you to receive the fabulous benefits of this modality from afar when you can’t come in person. Don’t deprive yourself of a healing due to location … Long distant healing works!

    • Teresa Yeung

      Thank you Cammie for your lovely comments!.

  16. Nina

    Thank you so much Mater Teresa! I’ve been feeling so calm and at peace, since our healing zoom session on Monday. My concern was emotionally based and I knew that you could hold the space for me, to work through it, like you did during your workshops at Eastover. Qi energy is wonderfully healing and I always have a really good response to it. I felt it during the remote healing session, which you did few weeks back, and we’re about 500 miles away from each other – it’s just amazing. And, I felt it strongly during our zoom session.

    I appreciate you offering your time and sharing your wonderful energy during private sessions in an affordable and very accessible way. Thank you SO much!

    Sending much love & blessings your way.

  17. Lauren

    Thank you Master Teresa for our Zoom session. It was so nice to have a private session with you, and the beautiful chi energy could be felt throughout the remote session and afterwards. It’s so important to take the time to recharge the mind/body/spirit. I look forward to future sessions.

  18. Teresa Yeung

    Happy to give hope to you and others in the world!

  19. Carol S

    My first session via Zoom with Master Teresa was really amazing. I have been experiencing a fair amount of pain in my lower spine that leaves my legs partly numb. At the end of the session my pain had decreased by 50% and the numbness in my legs is much better as well.

    I am hopeful and want to continue to improve by doing more healing with Master Teresa. It also makes me feel incredibly happy!

    • Carol S

      I wanted to also say a big THANK YOU to Master Teresa!