Will a Remote Private Qi Healing work for you?

Read what people say about their remote qi sessions with Master Teresa. It is fascinating as you can be the next success too.

Remote private Qi session has been around a long time. It is ab amazubg way to send strong unbelievable healing energy across the miles with deep intention. If prayers work, sending healing in the mind can be explained as saying a prayer with love. Love is a high supreme vibration and Qi is really love. The recipient can usually feel warmth, tingling or some feeling coming to them during the session. In my Qi Gong Remote Healing, we practice relaxation and think positive. We believe Chi energy healing can arrive to anywhere in the world. Qi Gong Master trains your mind to connect with your body deeply and it can be mind-blowing. A vibration happens during the session which can be done on What’s App, Skype, Zoom or just do it on the telephone. Sending Qi energy with no LINK works with wonder. There is no distance and time.

If you have experience with a remote private session with me, will you share your experience and results to help others to understand? We love to learn from your experience! Much love to you!