Blowing your nose? Embarrassing?

I think the worst thing about having a cold, I might say its about the running nose. It is embarrassment when all the eyes turn to you and you want to just breathe easier. When you have long running cold and a running nose, which is so bad that you really need to keep blowing your nose over and over again in, it is really stressful.

In this time of Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, stablizing our mood, improving respiratory system and immunity are all important.

“We are seeing increasing levels of anxiety (in the U.S.) over a relatively short period of time,” said Vaile Wright, director of clinical research and quality at the American Psychological Association. Covid-19 distress has reached such levels that the World Health Organization on Tuesday March 17 issued guidelines for protecting mental health during the outbreak.

Breathe Easy Qi Gong is simple to learn, practice to reduce stress and anxiety helping many health problems. It brings more oxygen into the lung supporting the function of the heart circulation. The first movement is about boosting the energy around your sinus and continue to help the energy of your nose. When you finish doing a whole 5 minute form, you feel that you have lightly workout with effort, more grounded and breathe better.

Strengthen Your Lungs and Support Your Heart
This is great for stuffy nose and can ease cough.

Toronto High School Opens to Qi Gong

Toronto High School Opens to Qi Gong

Toronto High School encouraged young people to explore new ways of balancing. Albert Campbell Collegiate opened the door to Qi Gong with Qi Gong Master Teresa. 700 people of Grade 11 and 12 joined the first time how Qi Gong breathing with movements help to reduce stress in November 2018.

Will a Remote Private Qi Healing work for you?

Will a Remote Private Qi Healing work for you?

Please share your experience with Master Teresa’s Remote Private Qi session so we can learn from your experience.  Remote session has been around a long time. If prayers work, sending healing in the mind can be explained as saying a prayer with love. Love is a high supreme vibration and Qi is really love. The recipient can usually feel warmth, tingling or some feeling coming to them during the session. In Master Teresa Yeung used the Chi to erase difficult emotions as well as improve physical health challenges. There is no distance and time. Be Open, use an experimental attitude and book a session.

Much love to you and thank you!

50% off during Covid-19. Book Your Appointment, please email: 

Free Remote Chi Healing – 2nd Tuesday 9.30pm EST

Free Remote Chi Healing – 2nd Tuesday 9.30pm EST

Master Teresa Yeung has been sending live Chi once a month to the Universe. You train yourself to meditate to pick up the Remote Healing Chi at your home or any where in the world.


She will SEND OUT at 9.30pm EST to the universe. ( There is no URL to joinNO LIVE LINK).   You join by positioning and just think at that time. It is a great opportunity to train yourself to pick up CHI without a LINK. 

Every second Tuesday of each month (April 14 …. Sept. 8, Oct 13, Nov. 10 … )
Time:  9.30pm to 10pm Eastern Standard Time  ( Toronto) 

Position Quietly  and follow the Instructions.

Tap into the Chi Quietly

Prepare Yourself to Receive the Distant Chi Healing 

We are excited that you are open to receive our positive and good energy. It’s our best intention that you improve your well being and health.  Please show your acceptance to our energy by subscribing to our newsletter and our social media.  Learning to be open and accepting is the first step to healing.

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Healers or Qi Gong energy practitioners

We do care about the planet we live in which is our home.  Let’s raise the vibration and clean up the world’s energy with our lovely positive energy one step at a time. We are very happy that we can now come together to first take care of our energy and then send lovely energy Chi to the world each month.  Send blessings and prayers to those who need help. Anyone can send love to world and send out a postive intention. Trust the world will be a better place because of our energy.  Master Teresa’s practitioners are always invited to join the process and support.

Join us each month the 2nd Tuesday at 9.30pm EST for half an hour.


Drinking  water is always a good healthy practice. On the day of the remote session, drink some more water so your body is hydrated for the best healing. It would be nice if you can rest at ease before and after the session.  It is best not to rush yourself especially after the session.  Your body is integrating the process to self-heal.

Choose a Space

Choose a space that you feel comfortable.  Your chosen space will be energized with good Chi afterwards. You might like to practice Qi Gong or meditate at this space in the future.

At the time of the session, it may be nice to be not disturbed. Please let your family know that you will be want to be disturbed for half an hour.  It will be important to turn off the cellphone, computer and electronics around the space so there are less distractions.  If Wifi can be turned off will be ideal.


The best position will be standing up position. Drops arms on the sides. Relax body. You can also sit or lie down.

Choose to position the front of the body facing south and the back facing north. You will be in the north and south line of the planet.

Drop your arms  and relax the body from head to toes.

You may choose to sit or lying down then make sure your position is facing north and south direction.

Enter the space a few minutes before 9:30pm EST


-Relax and be grateful for the Chi energy.

  • Chi goes to where you put your mind to
  • Set good and positive intention for this process
  • Think about Master Teresa watching the video about that she is sending you Chi
  • Always wish for a good and positive result when you receive Chi
  • Chi is like water and washes the problem area and makes it clean and clear.
  • Think about you are worthy to feel better
  • Think about you love and appreciate yourself and Master Teresa too
  • Think about your health problem will improve when receiving the Chi
  •  If there is pain, think about the Chi will improve the health of that area
  • Set up the intention of letting go any stresses or health problems of life
  • Trust you will be guided to go through your journey and find your life direction

Experience Chi and Gentle Sway

Everyone feels different in the process. Please do not worry about what you should be feeling. A good intention is most important and feel happy and excited about participating.  It can be fun and enjoyable or it can be a very spiritual experience. 

For those who have the privilege of meeting Master Teresa will know that when she sends out  chi, you feel palpable energy traveling from a distance to you and you may sway a bit too.  Chi is the life force and the energy is always within us and universal.  In the remote distant session, she will be sending the chi up in the universe, and you will meditate to pick it up.  When you pick up the remote healing, you may feel usually warmth or magnetic feeling coming in and some people will feel a gentle sway of the body moving a bit side by side or front and back. Some people may feel a lot while others do not.  I remember that it took me a long time to feel Chi at the beginning of my journey.

During the session, you can choose to stop and dismiss yourself anytime.

The session will end at 10pm and you will feel less Chi at 10pm.

Collect Chi to Finish by bringing hands to overlap on the navel area. Ladies with right hand under left over and gentlemen the other way.

Borrow the Chi and Send out

If you are familar with energy work, you know about sending energy out. As Master Teresa is sending the chi, it is possible that you just borrow her send and send to a person or your pet. Put your hands 4 – 6  inches away from an area which needs help.  Keep the mind clear and image a good outcome. 

When you complete the chi session, just give thanks to Master Teresa for sending you the help.

Welcome your Inquires or wish to book an personal session, telephone or Skype session:


Qi Gong helps to balance our physical and emotional energy of the body and promotes the body’s self-healing ability.  Students wholly understand that Qi Gong is not to be used to substitute, medicines or medical care. Master Teresa Yeung, her practitioners and associates do not guarantee any health improvements through any practice of Qi Gong or energy work. She is not a medical doctor and cannot give you medical advice. She and her practitioners or associates cannot be blamed or be held liable for any health problems, injuries, concerns or loss of money by students involved. It is understood that if there are any illnesses, including mental problems, a licensed medical doctor, or psychologist should be consulted.

What a Million Dollar cannot Buy?

What a Million Dollar Cannot Buy? ❤️ What can you give yourself if you really love yourself? If you have to choose money or health, what would you choose?

Life Force: Miraculous Power of Qi Gong  is a book of my 24 years experience of energy healing gently explain to you how energy and a simple practice heals. I give you lots of endorsements of real people with real stories and simple to do Qi breathing exercise that helped millions. I like to give HOPE to those struggling to feel better, health problems. You heal your health problems by moving how you feel and you heal with a few steps of breathing Qi Gong exercises which boosts up your life force.

Boost your life force has to come within which means coming form your own doing and practicing. Its more than swallowing some nutrition in which means you have to keep swallowing forever. You make your life force like your own nutrition. Then plus the right diet, nutrition, other help, you heal. Now 62, Qi Gong (Chi Gong) changes so many lives and my whole life as a single mother raising 3 children when I did not have any money. It lifted me and cleaning my long list of health problems with Qi Gong. I am proud that I do not need any drugs, perfect health and not even wear eye glasses. All my challenges are gone because of Qi Gong and external Qi healing.

Qi Gong gives you what a MILLION DOLLAR cannot give you.