Send Chi " Fa Chi" to Others Program

Certification for Level 1

When the students are ready, the teacher appears.

This Fa Chi Level 1 Certification Program requires focusing to learn.

You may take 2 full day or 4 half day to finish.

Every time you repeat the lesson, you will have new insights too. It provides valuable teaching and practices to lay solid foundation of energy medicine..

You learn to clear your energy by connecting the universe with special techniques. The techniques you are learning has much benefits to self-healing and form your protective shield.

You will learn how to position yourself to your advantageYou will learn how to Fa Chi without depleting your energy. You will be guided to attune and connnect to the highest source of Chi.

You will learn how Fa Chi can be performed on a few parts of the body. An energy requires practicing, we do not use textbook.Class is hands-on

Students always feel blissful and achieve a high achievement.

Seriously, Fa Chi is a respectful job you only get better with times. The older you are the better you become.

Master Teresa offers opportunities for students to become the trainers of her school.

Please let me know

1. What health conditions would you like to be helped on?

2. Please suggest a few days and time that you can be available for an Online Session.

We usually use Zoom.

3. What is your time zone ?

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Einstein said, "Energything is energy."

Chi or Qi is our life fore energy.

Chi Gong (Qi Gong) is a 5000 years old art of healing. Besides practicing, the Energy Chi can be facilitated externally to help clients for balanciing and it is a comfortable process.

It acts like an gentle energy boost so to speak.

Many people have been reporting that their health and wellbeing conditions after the balancing process of Chi. Here are some sharing for your information.

Master Teresa’s Qi Gong beats all drugs in overall health improvement!

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

Founding President

American Holistic Medical Association

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